How to go viral on YouTube

So you have or you want to start a YouTube channel but you want to understand how to get your videos to go viral.

To go viral on YouTube you need to show YouTube, your videos are worth promoting to others on that topic. There are several things, YouTube looks at to determine is there should show your video against someone else’s. The end decision is determined, what will the YouTube audience prefer to watch.

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The simplest answer is split into 3 areas of focus:

Your videos

  • Getting views to your videos

The number of views is a positive indication your video is worth being shown to others on YouTube. If you had a few views but your competitors has thousands, guess who YouTube will promote.

  • Getting comments to your video

Having comments on your videos, show YouTube your videos is interesting to its audience and that the video has a community.

  • Video watch time

Watch time is very very important if your audience has a high drop off rate is at the beginning of the video, then it is unlikely you will go viral. You need to discover what keeps your audience staying watching your videos to the end or as long as possible

  • Getting likes

Having your audience Like your video is a positive way to get noticed on YouTube. The likes are like a poll, such as a vote.

  • Having subscribers

Subscribers are important, you can get them by targeting keyword and being found in search or going viral and be shown on the welcome wall for each user. When you have subscribers, your videos will be shown to them, and you are more likely to get higher watch time, more likes, and more comments.

To get subscribers, a positive strategy is to advertise your video in the search, so your video gets found more often.

Visitors searching for videos

  • Clicks on the thumbnails

YouTube will promote your video on the search and video sidebars of a video you are watching. You need to have thumbnail that entices the YouTube audience to say I want to watch that video YouTube will show your videos more often when you get those clicks, so the conversion rate is important. It’s important to have a thumbnail that attracts people. Don’t be afraid to test your thumbnails.

  • Title of the videos

Your title of the video is very important, the title explains easily what the video is about. For example How to, Top 10, etc, all help to get clicks.

Traffic to your videos

  • Traffic from social networks

Traffic to YouTube is important and this gives YouTube how popular you away from YouTube.

  • Traffic from blogs and other websites

YouTube is a search engine, and they allow you access to HTML coding to add your video to website pages from blog posts on your website. The more sites showing your video, the more of an indication you are popular in the industry or topic.

Webinar: How to Grow your YouTube channel and increase video views. Learn more…

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