Importance of a good title for your YouTube videos

The title of your video is very important for 2 reasons:

  • 1st – It helps YouTube to understand the phrase and topic to rank you for
  • 2nd – Viewers will view the title to understand if it what they want to watch.

Your title should be less than 70 characters and you should use the title to as an explainer of the video. It should be a specific sentence like:

  • Tubebuddy review
  • Guide to using Tubebuddy
  • Why you should use Tubebuddy
  • How I grow my channel with Tubuddy

Each of the above titles means something very similar but also have a different meaning:

  • Tubebuddy review – Review of the software
  • Guide to using Tubebuddy – How to use the software
  • Why you should use Tubebuddy – Learn why to buy it
  • I grow my channel with Tubuddy – Review but with more personal experience behind the video

What I am getting about with the above means, try to be specific. For example, there are lots of Tubebuddy reviews, but a putting a spin on the title such as “Why you should use Tubebuddy” or “I grow my channel with Tubebuddy”, can help potential viewer wanting to discover more and you have a title that is different to other views in the search of rankings.

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