Top 10 Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile

As the case may be, LinkedIn is the largest social network in the world for working professionals. This makes LinkedIn an ideal platform to establish and grow one’s business or to find a higher-quality career opportunity. It’s also a platform to show one’s best assets/skills as well as successes in the course of one’s career. In order to successfully make use of this platform, you need to set up a great LinkedIn profile so as to get noticed by recruiters and high managers in the business world.

It is important to note that apart from your resumes, recruiters and managers will most likely review your LinkedIn profile for the jobs you applied for. If your LinkedIn profile is not carefully set up, you might actually lose your seat at the first round of interview. It therefore shows that your LinkedIn profile represent the best possible version of you and must be presented appropriately. Here are top 10 tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out;

Post a Professional Profile Picture

Adding a good headshot is one of the simplest things you can do to have a standout LinkedIn profile. This aspect is the first impression recruiters and top manages will get on your LinkedIn page. As a result of large number of users, those with inappropriate photos or those with no profile photos are easily pushed away to sieve the ambiguous list of related skills. Ensure you upload a recent and high-quality photo where you are smiling just appropriately and as well looking professionally at the camera. Use LinkedIn-specific photos rather than photos from any kind of situation.

Use Appropriate Headlines

On your LinkedIn profile, right below your name is your headline and its being set up by default settings which will fill in your current position. This headline will reflect who you are and what you do.  Avoid the use of vague and multiple description word; use your job title as your headline such as project manager, financial analyst, and more. This will enable recruiters at any point in time to find you easily with the simple job titles that are related to your skills.

Use a Well Written Profile Summary

Profile summary is one of the most overlooked sections whereas; it helps you to be noticed by recruiters and high managers for types of works that they are looking for. The profile summary section is where potential employers will love to find out some of your greatest accomplishment and you have about 2,000 characters to create your profile summary. Therefore, your summary should address who you are, who you worked for, the problems you have solved, and how you solved them. In order to achieve this, develop a brief sentence about what type of carrier interest you and what drives you most about your ideal carrier. Also, add your area of expertise, awards you have received relating to your carrier as well as personalities by briefly adding your interest. You can include your email address to make it easy for your reader to contact you.

Add Your Work Experience

This section will help address who you are and who you work for. Your work experience section can be found below your main profile section. Then enter your company name to automatically link yourself to your company’s page if it’s already available on the dropdown list.

Be Specific About Your Educational Background

The educational background can also get you noticed on LinkedIn platform and it tells a lot about you. This section can help you in a perfect way to connect with your old classmates. You can add activities, extracurricular activities as well as clubs. Also, you can add a specific major and emphasis to make you standout.

Keep Your Page Active & Don’t go Incognito

Being active on LinkedIn is one of the keys to having a successful LinkedIn profile. Join groups and engage them with comments that are thoughtful. Also, if you really want to grow you network for more opportunities and high quality benefits, try as much as possible not to hide your profile. When you view other people’s profile page, stay noticed and let them know you were there.

Show Off Your Recommendations

Adding recommendations from your old managers and bosses is one of the simple ways to make your LinkedIn profile standout from other profiles out there and they serve as social proof for your prior work experience. Make sure the recommendations or feedback comes from people you worked for such as your old managers and bosses. This is because, recommendations from peers and friends isn’t that effective like the ones from people you consider a reference.

Reorganized Your Top Skills

By reorganizing you top skills, you are already on the path to LinkedIn greatness. This is the section where all your endorsement can be found. Showcase the top 10 skills yow will probably be leveraging in your next job. Organize them in such a way that you’ll get noticed easily and in order of priorities.

Put Out Your Contact Details

A lot of people overlooked this section leaving their page with no contact information when they are spotted on LinkedIn. This will enable recruiters and high managers to reach out to you to discuss with you about an available opportunity. You can use an email address or a phone number where it is easily visible.

Take Note of Your Target Audience

LinkedIn helps to create reasonable connections through the suggestion from your previous search details, companies you have worked for, and location. So, if you are in a location and you want to expand your connection in another location, ensure you don’t add your colleagues and friends first instead, connect with people in your location of interest.

Final thought;

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that offers easy to use tools. Get yourself noticed by optimizing your skills through the easy-to-use features it offers. These 10 tips offer you a step into a more advance way of connecting with vast varieties of opportunities of becoming a LinkedIn influencer.

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