YouTube Analytics can help you grow further 

With anything in digital marketing, using analytics is very important to help you learn, grow, and gain conversions.

On YouTube, you can find a lot of analytics to help your study and analyze how your viewers are finding you and how they are watching your videos.

You can find your analytics in the “YouTube Studio”, as seen below image.

Then you need to go to the Analytics area:

The 4 areas of interest in the analytics we look through is:

  • Number of video view (Overview)
  • How many hours your videos have been watched (engagements)
  • Watch time for each video (Overview)
  • Number of impressions your video get on search (reach)

And so many more analytics to learn from.

The analytics from YouTube can help you understand what is working and what isn’t.

One issue that can be stopping you from getting those important views in the search or recommendations, could be the Thumbnail. Did you know you can A/B test different Thumbnail designs using Tubebuddy.

You can also look at the analytics of how long your viewers are watching your videos. Maybe you are getting views but people are leaving early. If your viewers are dropping off this can be an indication to YouTube your video is not worth promoting.

It’s important to work on your video introductions so to keep viewers on the video as long as possible. You can test different types of introductions with different videos. Then look at which style of introduction keeps your viewer watching the longest Tubebuddy.

If you use Tubebuddy, you can use their analytics to help increase views such as:

  • Test Thumbnails
  • Test Titles
  • Test descriptions

Tubebuddy analytics will help you understand those small changes that will help you get more clicks and therefore increase your search rankings.

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