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TSOhost Review

April 23, 2020


TSOhost Review


If you are looking for a quality hosting for your website or website, I can recommend TSOhost. To be honest I can recommend TSOhost because this website is hosting with TSOhost cloud hosting solution. I have used TSOhost for my hosting websites for 10 years now. One of the great things about TSOhost is there customer services, in my opinion the best in the hosting industry.

Feature List

  • Cloud hosting
  • Buy domain names
  • WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • cPanel Web hosting
  • Joomla hosting

Key Features

  • Cloud hosting

There cloud hosting is super hosting for your website. The hosting has an very easy to use panel to control everything you need.

  • 5 star customer service

There customer service is excellent, 5 star in my opinion. I have been using TSOhost for 10 years for my website and always recommend them. They are always available to assist with questions and answers you might have and also help if you have problems that need fixed. There first line of customer services is at a very high standard, only sometimes do you they need to pass to high level of support and always get back to you quickly.

  • Telephone, Email and chat box customer service

You can make contact with support via telephone, email or chat box. They are always available to contact you.

  • Free tranfer from your current hosting service

TSOhost offers free transfer of your websites to there hosting and its very simple. They do all the hard work and use there expertise.

  • Daily backup of your websites

TSOhost on its Cloud hosting and VPS, take daily backups, so if your website has trouble and need retreive, you can access the backup and have your website available in minutes. This is great service for Cloud hosting, at no extra price.

Who Is This For

TSOhost is for anyone with a website, either a blogger using its Cloud hosting to commercial business needed expert hosting.

As mentioned this website is run with TSOhost cloud hosting solution.


  • 5 star customer service
  • Easy to make contact via telephone, email or chat box
  • Free transfer of your website
  • Offer there own type of SSL certificate (need to ask them)
  • Website daily backup service


  • Price in £ and a little more expensive
  • Not free SSL certificate


To behonest you can get cheaper but there customer service is 5 star and this is why you should pay a little extra for your hosting.

TSOhost is located in the UK and therefore pay in £.

  • Cloud hosting starts at £3.99 a month
  • VPS hosting starts at €39.99 a month
  • Domain .com start at €9.99 a year
  • SSl certificates £41.66 a year
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