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Produce a YouTube Video Series

July 28, 2020


Produce a YouTube Video Series

Producing a group of videos in a series can help you rank better on YouTube than just creating one at a time and publishing. This is because you can create a journey for your viewers to flow through a Playlist, each video being a specific topic/interest.

When you create a series of videos on a topic, you should add them to a new playlist and then link them in a flow using the End Screen, you will see this series of views will have higher watch times and click through and fewer bounce rates.

We like to create series as they help educate our viewers and followers, here are some ideas for series you can do

  • Beginner course
  • Beginner, intermediate and Expert on a topic (you can link Intermediate video on the end screen as well)
  • Month experience with my new puppy, each video is a month
  • Products for a specific application, each product is a video
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