Video Transcriptions help with YouTube SEO 

YouTube allows you to add transcriptions to your videos. YouTube has a tool that allows you to get automatic transcriptions but you can also add your own.

When using the YouTube transcription tool, I recommend you view and make necessary edits, this is because there are often errors. Updating the transcription should be a part of the uploading process of your videos because it will help you with the early ranking process and help with better viewing experience of your audience.

There are a few reasons YouTube wants you to use transcription:

  • Deaf people

Not everyone can hear so the transcription will allow deaf people or difficulty of hearing to read what is being said. A big plus to the deaf community.

  • YouTube SEO

Yes, transcriptions will help with the SEO of your video, the transcription helps YouTube understand the topics in the videos and therefore able to rank you because it understands the authority of the content in the video. Experts say it can help gain ranking against competitors who are not using transcriptions.

  • Viewing without sound

Not everyone listens to the videos, maybe you are on a train or in an office environment, you are still able to watch the videos and understand what is being said.

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