10 Missed Opportunities When Developing a Website

We have all done it, or are doing it now! However, with a little know-how you can make sure your website has all the tools it needs to become a success. Here is a list of 10 opportunities not to miss when developing a website:

  • Navigation

You should have clear navigation to the main areas of your website. Having the navigational tools at the top of the page and even having a separate side bar highlighting more specific pages in different areas of the site will help your readers make their way through your content.

  • Content Added to the News Section

The news section can be a great way to show the world you are a live website. Keep refreshing your newsfeed to prove that you are up to date with current events, including your participation in them. If you attend important events, mention it in your news. Your viewers will be interested to see your involvement with your community.

  • Social Media Content

Social media is a great way to promote your website, so don’t forget to add links to your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Think of it as free promotion!

  • Keeping Your Content Page Specific

I have seen this so many times, website designers placing content with conflicting contexts on the same page. Keep it simple; don’t mix content. Each page on your website should have a singular purpose. The more organized your pages, the clearer the intention of your website.

  • Educational Content for Visitors

Your content should always educate your visitors about who you are and why you should be their first choice. If you do something different than your competitors, make it known. This is the best way to develop relationships with your visitors. If you personally provide your customer service, tell them. Taking the time to educate your customers one-on-one can make a big difference; it shows them your commitment to your endeavor.

  • Landing Pages for Conversations

Calling action from your visitors, and having landing pages to help them into a conversation funnel of your choice, is the best way to collect customer information which in turn creates more sales. These pages don’t often have much information; they might simply be encouragement to sign up for a newsletter, or fill out a customer questionnaire.

  • Understanding Your Visitors

This is huge. You need to understand your customers as much as possible to be successful at your business. If you sell products or services to multiple industries, you should have a section on the site explaining which product or service is best respectively. Doing this demonstrates your ability to provide the proper services to your customers, and showing them you understand them proves that you are indeed an expert.

  • Understanding What Constitutes Effective Content

Content is very important. Choosing the most effective content based on your customer base can make a huge difference. Consider who you are pitching and design content based on those demographics. Do you use text, videos, or images?  Make sure your vernacular and your media choices are based on who you are trying to connect with.

  • Solving Your Visitors Problems

When you are selling something, you are responsible for seeing your sale through to the end; meaning you may have to spend time solving your customer’s problems. Doing this will help you understand your visitor’s needs and wants, creating a better relationship with your customers, and in turn will help you maintain a better website.

  • Producing Quality Content

We all want visitors to return. Having inappropriate content, grammatical errors, or even misspelled words can turn people away. Honor your brand by having a high standard for your content.

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