10 Strategies to Increase Google Search Engine Ranking On A Specific Topic Page

Do you have a well-crafted piece of content?

Are you proud of it?

Sure you are, otherwise, you won’t be looking for different tactics to promote it.

So how you improve the Google search engine ranking of a specific topic page, Well let the following tips take care of it.

Define your Keyword List

You have to think about the users who will search for your niche or topic. Keeping this in mind, you should make a list of relative keywords and check your estimated traffic for each one with a tool such as Google Keyword Planner.

Note your list includes the most trafficked and relevant terms.

Focus On Content Quality

If you want to Upstate your niche, you need to write high quality and compelling content. Yes, you need to write such content that attracts and compels your user to share it.

Moreover, it should invite to link back. Only a well-crafted content goes viral and gets awarded.

Cornerstone Page

Cornerstone Page is a page dedicated to promoting not only a single piece of content but a whole series of it. For instance, you can compile guides for how to write compelling content, to find relative and authority keywords, how to create backlinks, external linking and bad linking. All these are separate pieces of content, but you can merge them all into a series of guides for blogging. To promote and explain the guide, you will need to create a cornerstone page.

Keyword Repetition and Variation

You need to make content relevant to the topic to rank high and use similar keywords. Don’t repeat your keywords time to time because it affects the quality. Just use a keyword 2-5 times and include the most important one in first fifty words.

Optimize the Page Titles

<Title> HTML tag defines web page title and is supposed to be a concise description of you page content. It is the second most important on-page SEO element. Keep the title under seventy characters. All with important keywords in the title. Add a reference to your topic as well.

Work on your Meta descriptions

<Meta Name+ Description Content=> HTML tag is a shorter description of what to expect on your writing. It plays a vital role in getting people to click. Keep it under 150 characters and make sure you touch your topic in it.

Use keyword as anchor text for internal linking

You need to use descriptive anchor text, which is relevant to your niche to help search engines find what the page is linked to. While using them, use anchor text, which is has a close variation of you topicbut keep your approach natural, don’t force it. Do not stuff the keywords too much and use close variations.

Don’t leave Alt Tags Behind

These are used to specify alternative text to show when the element is applied can’t be referred. These tags have a strong correlation with Google SEO ranking so when you have pics or other elements, just make sure you use a brief Alt tag that targets your topic.

URL name

For better, make sure your URL relates to your topic. Shorter URL works better with search engines than long ones. Keep slashes to a minimum and include keywords in URL names. Place them close to the domain and separate multiple keywords in URLs, if you got them.

Work on your Link Building Strategy

This is the semi catch term or one of the most important creating new external links to the site, apart from creating content, which people will share, you should link back to your topic page to build links. Use keywords as anchor text for the links as it signals to search engines you are relevant to such terms.

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