How to gain targeted following to LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Pages are great for a business to build a following but sadly they allow for a targeted following. This is because everyone follows Company Pages, such as

  • Recruiters
  • Consultants you use in the organisation
  • Past employees who moved to different industries
  • Anyone and everyone

I recommend starting a LinkedIn Showcase Page for each industry or product/service you support in your organisation. (A Showcase Page is a mini Company Page, they are shown on the Company Page). You can have up to 10 Showcase Pages. This will allow followers to join and get specific news from your information that interests them.

I treat each Showcase Page as its own topic area, I treat showcase page differently to Company Pages, so I post organisation news and industry news.

To gain and increase my following to the Showcase Pages, I advertise to people who might be interest to follower such as people in specific industry or applications.

The following on these Showcase Page will grow from ads at first and then naturally grow with posts going viral.

Using the above strategy allows you to develop a targeted following and therefore more likely for your followers to react to a post and go viral. When you have a Company Page, if you recruiter press like, the post will then be shared to there connections (often not in your industry).

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