How to increase open rates to your email course

You have worked very hard creating your email course and a low percentage of email subscribers opening them. The more subscribers who open your email newsletter can help you increase more returning visitors back to your website and therefore increase your earning. So it’s important to work on increasing your open rates.

There are 2 areas of focus once you have completed your emails and started sending them to your subscribers. You will need to work on increasing your email open rates and increasing conversions on the email newsletters. The first is to work on increasing open rates, the problems can be:

  • Title of the email
  • Conversion grammar of the title
  • The topic of the email

What I do is test the email over 2 weeks, change the title once a week and compare the open rate, to see which one has open more, you can keep testing this if you like until you are happy the open rate is at a level you are happy with.

In my list above, I mentioned the topic, the topic of the email might not be interesting to the subscriber, or they don’t understand how important it is. I often change the sequence of the emails newsletter to a later date and put another in its place which is most popular and has a high open-rate.

Increasing your open rate to your email newsletters is the beginning of having a successful email newsletter and a successful email course.

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