How to Increase Page Views on Your Website

If you’re like many website owners – you’re probably trying to keep people on site for longer and increase total page views. After all, the longer someone stays on your site – the more they’re going to engage with your message and potentially act how you want them to. Whether you’re trying to increase sign-ups, opt-ins, affiliate clicks, direct sales or something else – increasing page views and time spent on your site could help you get there. Thankfully, there are a number of simple tips you can start using today that could help take your on-page optimization in the right direction towards achieving your goals. Let’s take a look at them…

Make sure your content is quality

Good quality content is the foundation of any popular website or blog. You might have been able to spam your way to the top and trick people enough to make money in the past – but those days are gone. You can’t expect people to be compelled to act or even be interested in what else you have to say if you throw up poor quality content. Good quality content is king.

Not only will having great content keep people on your site and make people interested in looking at what else you have to offer – it’ll also do a  lot of the marketing legwork for you. Good content gets shared – and that means more backlinks and more direct clicks from other sources. If you want to build an organic optimzation strategy that works for itself – produce high quality content consistently.

Use lots of internal links

There’s a reason why most successful blogs have plenty of links to other content on their site. If you’re writing a blog post or producing some other content – make sure it has plenty of references to other similar posts that are already on your site. Keep them relevant, but include things like “See also…” and other similar links. Make sure people don’t click away to other sites or close their browser – keep them on your site by offering more of what they came for.

Some website owners make the mistake of making their content hard to find. Don’t be one of them. Keep relevant, useful links in your posts and have a side-bar featuring all your top content.

Offer incentives and compelling reasons to stay on your site

If people know they’re getting value, they’ll be more likely to stay on your site. And more likely to return. If you can offer things like discounts and other incentives you’ll keep people active and engaged in your content for longer. Offer real reasons to come back like unique giveaways and other time-sensitive offers. If you’re trying to get people to opt-in to a list, make sure they’ve got a good reason to do so and treat them well once they have. Don’t just spam. Offer them value and they should reward you in return.

Use a good SEO plugin

You’re probably already aware of this – but make sure you’ve got a good SEO plugin like Yoast. This’ll help you fine-tune all your tags and internal linking strategies to make sure you’re making the most from your visitors. And getting more of them.

Use Google Analytics to evaluate

You’ve probably already got a good analytical package if you know you need to keep people on your site for longer – but you should make yourself an expert in every part of your website and know what’s working and what isn’t. Then you can make the right changes. You should know which pages are popular, which people are spending the longest on and which are making people leave. Then you can do more of what’s popular and less of what’s not, or make tweaks to the pages that aren’t quite working for you.

Give people what you say you’re going to

If you offer something to get people to click on a certain link. Make sure you deliver. In a world of clickbait, more and more website users are getting frustrated by not being given what they asked for. If they think you’re one of those sites too – they probably won’t come back or click on anything else on your site. Treat people with respect and deliver what you say you’re going to, and they should spend more time on your site looking at what else you’ve got to offer.

Break up long posts into multiple pages

If you want to increase page views in general, you can always break up long blog posts into more bite-size chunks so people have to click to a second or third page to continue reading. You can also produce slideshows where each slide is a separate page. Be careful though – this practice can get a bit spammy and could actually turn off a number of your visitors. If people think you’re only trying to get them to click to increase ad revenue, it could do you more harm than good. Breaking up a 3,000 word post into 3 manageable pages is fine, but producing a 10-page slideshow for information that could really be kept to one or two pages probably isn’t.

Hopefully these simple tips could be enough to start increasing page views to help you make more from your site.

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