How to promote your podcast

You have started your podcast or you are having difficulty getting subscribers. Here are 10 strategies I have used to grow my podcast listener and importantly subscribers:

  • Have a popup promoting your podcast on your website

I know people are not fans of popups, but they can be useful to gain traction to specific pages or content. I often use a slide-in popup for promoting our community. We do change the popup frequently so visitors don’t get turned off with the interest and therefore the day we launch a new podcast and promote it on the popup.

  • Have a page on your website

We are using Podbean for our podcast hosting, it gives us an HTML code we can add to a page on the website to list our past episodes and our newest podcast. We also add a link to the menu of the website, aiding natural traffic to the page.

  • Each episode as post, with transcription

Podbean also allows you HTML coding to add specific episodes to posts on your website. As the podcast is listed on posts, we then get the podcast transcribed and this helps to gain traction with search engines.

  • If you have an email course, add episodes to specific lessons

As you might know, you can join our email course when you join the DigitalMarketingRocks community, we have 70 email newsletters, 1 going out once a week in sequence.

When we produce a new podcast that is a similar topic to an email newsletter topic, we add the podcast to the email, so it links back to the post and therefore helping gain more returning visitors to the website.

  • Promote banner on your sidebar

A simple and easy way to promote your podcast is by adding a banner to your sidebar. It’s easy to do and helps gain attention to our podcast and your blog.

  • Facebook Page – Paid ads

If you have a Facebook Page, add a post promoting your podcast and then pay for it to be promoted to your followers on your Facebook Page. Yes, this approach costs, but you should see it as an investment to gain followers to your podcast. Pay for advertisements will help gain a higher promotion across your following.

  • Facebook Page – Post every new episode

As I mentioned earlier you can add your podcast episodes to posts on your blog and you can then promote them by posting them to your Facebook Page.

  • Facebook Page – Repost posts

With the above, I don’t just post on my Facebook Page once, I repost frequently. You never get 100% followers seeing a post on Facebook, maybe only a few % (unless it goes viral).  

I have a list of posts I set up at the beginning of the month, 4 or 5 posts a day. Your podcasts can be one of them. For example, I check which are the most popular posts and promote them to my followers and post the most popular podcasts.

  • Send your email newsletter saying a new episode

If you have an email following, a simple strategy is to send an email newsletter to promote the newest episode of your podcast. I would recommend doing this every episode.

  • Facebook ads to targeted

To help grow your audience of potential followers, you can advertise your podcast posts from your Facebook Page. We target the advertisement to a global audience of people who are interested in our podcast topics.

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