YouTube Video End Screen and there importance

Your End Screen is one of the most important areas of your videos when people get to the end of watching a video. It the place you want your audience to click on other videos to watch.

For example, we record videos in a series and at the end of each video, the end screen promotes the next video in the playlist/series.

To produce your end screen, I would recommend adding at least 30 seconds clear screen, you can use YouTube End Screen to add a template with ease. There are over 20 versions of the end screen to choose from, maybe you want to add just 1 video or 4 videos. When you have chosen your end screen, YouTube will list your videos and playlists to choose and add to the end screen video pockets.

We recommend that you create a short 30-second clip for the end screen, this clip can be an image pointing to the next video or you can even add yourself saying, “for our next video, click to this video here” and point. This can be a separate clip you add to your video edit.

Your aim at the end screen is to get your viewers to stay on your channel to move through your videos. For example, if you have 100 viewers and 20 viewers stay to the end and click on the next video, you then have 20 more views. Easy work by just adding an end screen.

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