YouTube video Importance of Thumbnails

When people search for videos or see the recommended video on YouTube, the first thing they will see is the thumbnail and title of your video.

Your thumbnail is more important than the title because an image sells a topic. Just look at the 3 images below:

Your face in a thumbnail can be a huge selling point for your followers and potential audience to watch your videos. If your thumbnail has an image of you in it, your audience will be reminding our the experience of watching a previous video. 

To design your YouTube thumbnails, you can produce them with Canva and they have a huge amount of stock images and templates to choose from. Canva is your ideal image design tool for $12.95 a month. Give their free version a try…

Canva is your ideal image design tool for $12.95 a month. 

Having a thumbnail is a good starting point to success but your thumbnail can be putting people off from clicking to watch your video, so with Tubebuddy, you can split-test the video thumbnail to see which get the most clicks.

Why is testing your thumbnail testing important, this is because low click rates will affect the ranking in the search, the more clicks you get the more chance you have to get a higher ranking position against your competition.

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