5 ways to grow your company page following on linkedin

5 ways to grow your company page following on linkedin

How can you grow your company’s presence on linkedin, and more importantly, how can you be sure you’re doing it in the most effective way possible? While LinkedIn isn’t meant to serve as an advertising platform (unlike Facebook or Instagram), it can be extremely valuable to your business if utilized correctly. With over 380 million users around the world, LinkedIn has become one of the most popular online networks for professionals and businesses alike to connect and collaborate with one another on common goals and interests.

Understand How LinkedIn Works
LinkedIn is a professional social media network, not just another social media app. It’s a little more complex than other platforms and you won’t see results overnight. Make sure you understand how LinkedIn works by reading up about it before diving in. Understand what LinkedIn is best at and how those features can benefit your business in specific, measurable ways (e.g., job placements, lead generation). LinkedIn will only help if you help yourself first. That means putting in some time to figure out exactly why you need it and why other forms of marketing aren’t cutting it for you or why they aren’t practical enough for where you are now as a company.

Use hashtag on posts on Your Company Page
Another way you can build up your followers is by using hashtags. LinkedIn suggests that its users tag their posts with #FollowFriday, #LinkUp, and #InTheNews for best results. Hashtags have also proven popular on Twitter and Facebook as a means of letting other users know what’s being discussed in a certain space at a given time. Linking up with other users through hashtags makes it easy for them to find out about who else they might be able to follow and helps increase interaction between like-minded people in particular niches or fields.

Post Links That Are Relevant
LinkedIn allows you to post links in both your profile and posts. Make sure that you’re posting relevant links on each of these sections, so that when people see your name or content they are instantly aware of who you are and what you do. It doesn’t matter how many followers or connections you have if there’s no context around it. If possible, include a call-to-action for anyone interested in connecting with you (ideally including a link back to your personal LinkedIn profile) so they can easily reach out to request an introduction from one of their connections.

Focus On Getting Followers/Connections from Other Countries
If you want to build an international audience, make sure that all your profile information is filled out properly. LinkedIn will show information about who is viewing your page, and it’s more likely that people in other countries won’t see a complete profile unless they have more detail. In addition, when you connect with someone from another country, they’ll see that you are based in their country which can encourage them to check out your profile. These are very basic steps that many business owners forget! Once again—it is all about impressions!

Invite your connections to follow
Within the Company Page admin, you can invite your connections to the Company Page, you can invite 100 connections a month.

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