Lumen5 Review


If you are looking to create simply videos for your website and social media, then Lumen5 is good choice for you.

The online video solutions allows you to use there templates to add images and text over. So giving you quality explainer videos.

Explainer videos are becoming huge on YouTube and Lumen5 is video editors who can help you create them.

Lumen5 has a great tool using AI, that creates a video from an article on your website or blog. The AI takes the top messages in the article, to make the video.It chooses images and places them into template. All you need to is make the essential edit like making sure the images and text is create.


  • Huge choice of video clips and still images

They have millions of videos clips for you to use for your explainer videos. We tested there range and there didnt fail to show use video clips from our test selection.

  • Template to choose from to make your videos

To help you create videos, you have great selection of templates to choose from, so to help you start with ease.

  • Automated video create from an article

Lumen5 has a great feature that allows you to add a link from website article and within a few minutes Lumen5 builds you a video with choosen videos clips and target texts explaining that article. (We tested this, very interesting features taking the hard work out for producing videos)

  • Automated branding

Maybe a small feature but important if you are create a brand for your videos, giving you ease to have you colours and style repeated with ease.

Who Is This For

Lumen5 video creation online software is ideal for anyone wanting to create explainer videos for there website or social media. You don´t need to be expert with Lumen5, its ideal for beginners to anyone who wants to build simple but affective videos.

Its ideals for bloggers, internet marketers or marketing persons.

Our Personal Opinion

Lumen5 video creation editor tool is something different for the internet marketing and digital marketing industry. Its a bit like Canva but for videos. We tested Lumen5 video creation editor for 1 month and we are not going to buying a year membership to create videos for new YouTube channel.

We found Lumen5 easy to use and within minutes you can easily create a video. Its has a huge stock of videos to choose from and easy to use templates to make videos.

One feature we liked was the tool that automatically creates a video from an article. If you are a blogger or publication, this can come in useful to creating explainers videos.

Is this a tool worth buying, honestly yes.


  • Very easy to use
  • Huge stock of videos clips
  • Huge stock of images
  • Huge stock of music library
  • Fantastic AI to create video from articles
  • Easy to use and fill templates
  • Automaticely RSS feed videos
  • Set branding for style, fonts, logo/watermark and colours


  • Lack some pro video editor features
  • Your price plan determine the number of videos you can produce each month, but $79 allows you to produce 25 videos a month


Pricing for Lumen5 is very competitive starting from $19 a month or $228 a year, creating 10 videos a month.

There Premium solution allows you to create 25 videos a month at $49 a month or $588 a year.

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