Top 10 Cheapest SEO Software

Here is our list of the Top 10 cheapest SEO software you can buy for your website SEO and internet marketing, either for you or for client.

To behonest, SEO software all does the same thing:

  • Check your website SEO
  • Onpage SEO
  • Keyword ranking
  • Errors on your website
  • Competitor analysis
  • Find those important keywords

And lot lot more.

Google Search Console

  • Google Search Console, isnt exactly a SEO tool as such but a tool to help you understand how your website is being seen by Google. But there is a great tool on Google Search Console that show you which keywords you are getting ranked for internationally. So if you work on the pages you are getting ranked for, you can increase your ranking on Google and therefore get into the Top 10.
  • Free

Traffic Travis

  • This is great software suite for your SEO needs and you dont need to pay monthly. Its the idea software for bloggers who want to know where they are in the rankings on Google and Bing and also if there are any errors stopping Google search there website and more.
  • One time fee of 97

SEO Spyglass

  • SEOSpyGlass is great tool to discover those backlinks and what quality they bring to your website and what other websites are worth gaining links from.
  • $127 a year for the professional package


  • This is a tool to help you think those important quality links to your website and understand what quality these links can do to help your rankings. If you are into Linkedin as a SEO strategy, this is tool to help you gain the next level.
  • Basic Package $46.99

SEO Site Checkup

  • SeoSiteCheckup is the all in one SEO tool for your website or blog. Helping you check keyword, understanding your SEO of your website, where you are getting links and more. All-in-one SEO tools for all your needs.
  • Basic Package $24.95


  • Authoritylabs will help you understand why you are in the ranking for the different search engines. This is tool to understand where you are ranking locally, national, Globally, on mobile search and more.
  • Basic package $49 a month


  • Spyfu is one of the best spying tools for SEO in the industry. Simpily you can spy on your competitors for the keywords they are targeting for SEO and Adwords campaigns. Spyfu also allow you to look at keywords ranking and your SERPS.
  • Basic package $33 a month

Google Analytics

  • This isnt exactly a SEO tool as such but you do see what is happening on your website and this is importantly. For example where are people dropping off your website can and will affect your bounce rate. What content are people staying on on, etc. Understand how people use your website is goal opportunity for you.
  • Free


  • Yes this is Google the search engine, but understanding the number of competitors article for a keyword can give you guide on how competitive a keyword is. For example type in your keyword as normal and see the article number before, if you have below 500,000 you have a good chance to rank with ease.
  • Free


  • Discover what your competitors is doing to achieve a specific keyword ranking on Google and other search engines. Discover other keywords that they are not ranking for and you can.
  • Basic Package $69 a month

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